Management & Ownership

a) Directors
i) Eng. B S Kilo, MSc Engineering Management, B.Sc. Engineering, Post Graduate Diploma in Scientific Computing
ii) Mrs A. Bunto, LLB, National Higher Diploma in Rating and Valuation Surveyor
iii) Selemani Mwikalo, Bachelor of Economics and Journalism
b) Managers
i) Fares M. Lyimo Bachelor of Business Management (BBM)- Marketing and Sales Manager.
ii) Salehe Ramadhani Chanzi, CPA (T) -Financial Manager
iii) (VACANT) BSc Engineering,- Technical Manager

c) Office and administrative personnel
i) Shani Athumani Kisani, Advance Diploma Computer Engineering, BA Taxation.- Finance and administration Officer
ii) Selemani Kizenga, Advance Level Certificate of Secondary Education
iii) Florins Magubike, Ordinary Level Certificate of Secondary Education

d) Engineers
i) Eng. Abdalah Mbonde, BSc Engineering deals with Projects assisted by:

  • A team of qualified Technicians and Artisans who are dedicated to projects
  • A team of Certified Welders
  • A team of qualified Painters

ii) Eng. Omary Hussein, BSc Engineering deals with Sales assisted by

  • Msese Msumi Abdi Product Development and Logistics Officer, Diploma in Logistics
  • Three Sales Technicians